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Tanya McPherson

Tanya McPherson

Office Assistant

Tanya arrived in Arizona in the summer of 2010 while transferring her medical transcription home-based business with her and home-schooling her pre-teen daughter.  Tanya has been with Toddy & Associates as an office assistant since the summer of 2012.
Before moving to Arizona with her family she worked full-time at a medical clinic in Michigan while raising her daughter.  She held down the home and the family while her husband Carl was in Iraq working as a private contractor for the United States Department of Defense.  Without any question, she has proven she is tough as nails and does what it takes to take care of those she loves.
Tanya attended college at Lake Superior State University in Northern Michigan and acquired her degree in Business Administration.  Independent and goal focused, Tanya has developed the ability to determine what needs to be done and makes certain the project is completed correctly and on time.
A lifetime of seeking to place others above herself and seeking after doing what is just and right, she has become an invaluable resource at Toddy & Associates and we are fortunate to have her on our team.